File Explorer

Project Data Management

CWS Projects (background)

All CWS project data and files are organized within a unique project folder mapped to the X:\ drive.  Only specific CWS affiliates associated with the project who are members of that project group have write access. 

Project Managers

New projects at CWS will now have one or more members of the project group appointed as the manager.  The project manager has the following duties:

  • Organize and create the top level folders (only the project manager can create top level folders)
  • Create an "Individual" top level folder where project members can create their own personal folder for personal work associated with the project
  • Management membership of the project at  Managers can add other CWS affiliated members or remove existing members, effectively giving or revoking write access to the project.  Do not add non CWS affiliated members to the group without first requesting they be onboarded by CWS IT.

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