Getting Help

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Your best bet for help is to stop by the GIS Cave (1203 CWS) to see if any IT staff are in to help you.

We keep a calendar on our IT website so the most up to date availability can be viewed here. We also have a print-out of our schedule taped to the door as well. 

If no IT staff are available, then you can send us an email (see following sections).

Non-emergency situations

If you don’t have an emergency, then the best way to get help is via email. Please provide a detailed description of the problem, including what you were doing, what computer you were using (your own, a CWS computer, one of the servers, etc), what you expected to happen, and what happened. Contact information is at the bottom of this page.


e·mer·gen·cy noun 1. a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.

Please carefully consider whether you have an emergency – and help us all avoid them by planning in advance where possible. If you have an emergency – you’ve lost important work or you are unable to do your work, you have an urgent deadline and an unexpected need, etc – contact us immediately. You can reach us by phone and email generally, but in an emergency, phone is best.

Contact Information

When sending emails, please contact CWS IT Staff first – the first person available will help you.

Email: “cws-it” with a “” ending.

Phone: 530-754-9362

Emergency Phone: 650-336-8476

Web Support

Web Support

Dave Waetjen is the CWS Webmaster. Dave and the rest of the web team can be reached at “cws-web” with a “” ending.