Limiting CPU usage on a Kaweah

It is preferable to limit the CPU usage for an application that will consume all CPUs on Kaweah.  The user can accomplish this on Kaweah from the Task Manager by going to the Details tab and right-clicking the process and selecting Set affinity.

From there de-select All Processors.

At this point there are two ways to throttle back how your process consumes CPU resources.

1) Limit to only Node 0 (zero) – Select the 16 Node 0 CPUs (CPU 0 – 15).  Use this configuration if your application is more heavily reliant on disk or network access [1].  Use this configuration if you’re unsure.



2) CPU 0 through 8 (for all Nodes) –  Select CPU 0 – 7 for Node 0 and 1 (16 selections).  Use this configuration if your application tends to use a lot of RAM [1].


You can try either technique to see which will yield faster results.


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